Know More About The Achievements

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of leading and engaging in numerous impactful initiatives within the World Health Organization (WHO). One significant accomplishment includes spearheading three-level policy and strategic dialogues with political leaders and senior officials from member states. These dialogues played a crucial role in shaping WHO's medium-term strategic agenda for technical cooperation with member states.

An especially notable achievement was my leadership in analyzing the health implications of the economic crisis that affected East Asian economies. This led to the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Health Economics Network on behalf of the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office, demonstrating our commitment to addressing complex health and economic challenges.

I also took the lead in enhancing WHO's country-level leadership process, geared toward developing the next generation of proficient and effective WHO Representatives. This endeavor involved initiating a competitive and merit-based assessment process, along with various capacity-building initiatives, to ensure our representatives are well-equipped to support member states in achieving positive health outcomes and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Contributing to policy development, I led a substantial project that synthesized the interlinkages between the SDGs. This framework serves as a valuable tool for policymakers, offering insights into the interconnected nature of SDG targets and goals.

A significant milestone was representing WHO as a member of the UN High-Level Committee of Program, where I effectively advocated for positioning health within the UN Strategic Cooperation Framework. My active involvement in UN reform underscores my dedication to aligning WHO's priorities, policies, rules, and procedures with the broader UN reform procedures.

In the role of Executive Secretary, I successfully organized four global policy dialogues with WHO representatives. These dialogues were instrumental in reviewing global and country-level health issues and challenges, as well as understanding how WHO can best support member states in achieving desired health outcomes and health-related SDGs.

Over my extensive career, I've embraced leadership and supervisory responsibilities for over two and a half decades. My leadership style values gender equality, equity, and diversity, and I've had the honor of guiding various teams across all levels of WHO. I've empowered my colleagues to excel, innovate, and succeed in their respective fields.

Maintaining the highest humanistic values and principles has been fundamental to my leadership approach throughout my 25 years in various leadership roles at WHO. I've consistently motivated and boosted the morale of my teams to deliver exceptional results. In a recent 360-degree assessment, my peers and supervisor provided me with one of the highest ratings in my current position, reflecting the mutual respect and esteem we share.

Despite my professional achievements, I remain approachable, humble, and committed to fostering a collaborative environment. The respect and affection I receive from my team members are incredibly meaningful to me, and I continue to approach my work with the same passion and dedication that have guided me throughout my career.