Dr. Acharya brings decades of expertise in health economics, health sector policy and strategy, multilateral partnerships, and organizational improvement. He leveraged these experiences and skills to catalyze changes and has had a measurable impact in improving the health and well-being of populations globally. Dr Acharya brings a deep understanding of the strategies, processes, and structures at the WHO. With his extensive community engagement experiences, he is committed to ensuring that the diverse voices and needs of the people are heard and are acted upon.

Dr. Acharya is described as a humble leader who inspires those around him to work towards shared values and goals. His humble and positive demeanor and his kindness enabled him to build lasting relationships with his colleagues, partners, and people in the region, as well as globally. He connects deeply with the communities at a personal level.

He represents the voices of people who may not be heard otherwise, listens to diverse voices, and understands the needs of the people we serve. He is a strong advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Dr. Acharya’s substantial contribution to the WHO globally through his dedication and inclusive leadership style was recognized by the two previous WHO Director Generals. In addition, in 2016, he was nominated by UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, as a Board member of the UN System Staff College, and this tenure was extended up to October 2019 by the current Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres. Dr. Acharya cultivates valuable interpersonal connections with his colleagues across all the regions. His colleagues value his leadership and recognize his capacity to make progress on challenging priorities, sustainable development goals, and multilevel stakeholder collaboration. Dr. Acharya is a leader who connects with and understands the people we serve and is committed to his mission of leaving no one behind.

Dr Acharya is an insightful leader who has always been committed to improving the health of people globally. He will lead the South-East Asia region in attaining ambitious, yet achievable goals through his vast experience and commitment to innovation and evidence-based decision-making. He is committed to ensuring a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to rebuilding better systems to address the complex challenges facing the region in the coming years.